Scientific Program


Scientific themes

  • State policy in the field of protecting the health of citizens of the Russian Federation.
  • The rights of citizens in the sphere of health protection and enforcement of state guarantees related to these rights.
  • Quality and safety management of medical activities in medical organizations: effective strategies for organizing internal control.
  • System for monitoring adverse events during medical activities. Rating and benchmarking.
  • Quality management of cancer care.
  • Ensuring quality and safety of medical care in the provision of primary health care.
  • Ensuring the safety of medical activities in medical organizations in the provision of surgical care.
  • Organization and implementation of internal quality control and safety of medical activities in dental medical organizations.
  • Licensing of medical activity as an important trend and potential for providing safe medical care.
  • Thrifty technology in healthcare. Uninterrupted supply of a medical organization with medicines and medical products.
  • Introduction of modern information technology in the activities of medical organizations.
  • International and national systems for evaluating medical organizations: certification and accreditation, quality awards - tools to achieve organizational excellence.
  • Main issues of laboratory research quality management. Timely diagnosis of cancer.
  • Improving quality of medical care based on evidence-based medicine: clinical recommendations (treatment protocols).
  • Issues of legal liability of medical workers: prevention of defects in the provision of medical care and violations of patients' rights.
  • Organization of preventive work in medical organizations. Improving the activities of the Health Centers. Introduction of a drug labeling system in the Russian Federation, requirements for medical organizations.
  • Changes in legal regulation in the field of circulation of medicines and medical devices. Pharmacovigilance. Health product safety monitoring.
  • Features of the organization and conduct of clinical trials of drugs based on medical organizations.
  • Actual issues of achieving the targets and the main results of the National Healthcare Project.